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BNS Industrial Schipbuilding

Bonding large composite structures, injecting Scigrip SG300 adhesive

As part of the Project Ramsses, a part of an 85 meter ship has been built from composite materials, at the Damen Shipyard in Vlissingen, The Netherlands.

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Tensile test at shipyard on SCIGRIP SG300

Tensile test at shipyard on SCIGRIP SG300: bonding a stainless steel puck of 60mm diameter on a CR steel deck.

BNS Scigrip bonding

Underwater bonding with Scigrip SG300 structural adhesive

BNS Industrial supplies Scigrip SG300 to bond metals, composites and most plastics. The bond is highly fatigue and impact resistant, with lap shear strengths of 15-17 MPa.


SCIGRIP Smarter Adhesive Solutions

Bond a wide variety of materials to each other with SCIGRIP SG300 adhesive series.

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